Complex Email Services Made Simple

We offer managed transactional email services that seamlessly integrate into any application and provide reliable and accurate delivery.

Application Analysis


Our first step is an analysis of your current infrastructure, vendors, and triggered events that define the scope of the integration.

Application Integration


After our thorough analysis, we design and build each email template in tune with triggered events, then execute setup and integration.

System Deloyment


We start with a warm-up period which builds reputation and raises deliverability. Engagement will then scale as we monitor and manage.

Simple to Start, Affordable to Stay, Welcome to SES!

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Our managed service provides everything needed for sending/delivering/tracking transactional emails.

$ 15 /month

  • 10,000 FREE Monthly Emails
  • Tier 1 (10K-50K) @ 0.0015 cents per email
  • Tier 2 (50K-100K) @ 0.001 cents per email
  • Tier 3 (100K +) @ 0.0005 cents per email
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Intuitive Organized Management Portal
  • Dedicated IP Address @ $35 per (optional)

You Create, We Deliver. It's Simple. Get Started Today!

Why Choose Us?

Our platform is fully managed, scalable, rock-solid reliable, and delivers a great customer experience. It's completely customizable too!

SDedicated Account Representative

Dedicated Account Representative

Our goal is to provide our customers with an exceptional experience. Our account representatives are experienced and highly trained and have a direct line to the development team. When you have questions, you can be confident that we'll take ownership of all requests and work them to satisfaction and completion. Also, expect us to know your business and provide proactive information and guidance.

Full Service Integration

Full-Service Integration and Management

We've worked through all of the complexities of sending transactional emails, so you don't have to. Our integration team will analyze your current infrastructure, vendors, and triggered events. We design and build each email template for each triggered event, and we review and set up all applicable DNS records, including DKIM and SPF. As we scale output, we'll manage all aspects of reputation and deliverability.

Intuitive Organized Management Portal

Reliable Enterprise Level Infrastructure

We've designed and built a custom infrastructure and framework layered on top of Amazon's powerful email service platform. It's blazing fast, secure, scalable, and works behind the scenes with any software application. With the data provided from Amazon, our algorithm records every aspect of deliverability, including deliveries, bounces, and rejections. Our architecture also allows us to provide customized "branded" email templates for each unique triggered event.

Full Service Integration

Intuitive Organized Management Portal

We've designed a customer-centric, organized, and intuitive Management Portal. You'll have comprehensive tools to manage your account, plus clear and accurate analytics and reports. Data is easily searched, and reports are automatically built with precise data that can be viewed or downloaded as an excel document. Our Management Portal is never out of date as platform updates and upgrades are included. As new standards are implemented, you'll always be up to date.

Affordable, Reliable, Automated Bulk Email Services!

Have Questions? Let's Talk

When working with us, you'll experience how managed services should work. We take ownership of all requests and work them to satisfaction and completion.

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